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Shandong Xinghongyuan Tire Co., Ltd. is located in the red revolutionary district, the hometown of Saint Liu Hong -Shandong Mengyin, a national high -tech enterprise, and a leading science and technology company in Shandong Province. The company's annual output of 12 million sets of large -wheeled pupae and high -performance car tire project started construction in November 2013, with a registered capital of 490 million yuan, a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan, covering an area of 536 acres.


At present, the company has formed the production capacity of 12 million car tires an annual output of car tires, mainly includes four leading brands: Hilo, Annaite, Anchee, and Premme. The company and products have passed ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 quality management system certification. OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, CCC, US DOT, European ECE, Gulf GCC, Brazil Inmetro, Indian BIS, Nigeria Soncap and other product certifications. The laboratory has approved the national ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory.

2013 year


2.6 billion

Total investment

Xinghongyuan Tire

Low -carbon, green, efficient, environmental protection

The company adheres to the "low -carbon, green, efficient, environmental protection" policy, and introduces the production testing equipment of outstanding international enterprises, such as: Japanese Shengang's secret refining machine/dynamic balance test machine, Japanese Zhongtian's tire side/tire pressing line, and the tire presses, and Italian Komeo's steel wire fiber dual-use pressure machine, the ingot room of the American RJS, the cutting machine of Fisher, Germany, the Dutch VMI molding machine, the uniformity test machine of the Japanese Changbin-Shenke Rolling resistance formula and structural design scheme, producing high -performance green environmental protection products with good high -speed, safety and comfort. At present, 13 major series, 26 patterns, more than 600 specifications, and more than 2600 varieties of semi -steel meridian tires have been developed. And region. With excellent quality and complete after -sales service system, it has won the high trust of customers at home and abroad, and has a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

Modern high -tech enterprise

The project adopts the world's advanced MIRS building block integrated automation technology construction, covering an area of 20%, an increase in production efficiency by 30%, and a reduction in costs by 25%. In order to ensure that the production process does not affect the environment, the company invested 180 million yuan for process improvement and tailwater/tail gas treatment. In terms of tailwater, the high temperature nitrogen sulfurization process is used, and the production wastewater is used for cyclication after the integrated treatment system is treated to achieve the "zero" emissions of the production of tail water. The combination process will completely purify the production process and a small amount of flue gas produced by glue and vulcanization, and realize the "net" emissions of industrial gas.


        Xinghongyuan, a brand with equivalent technology, quality and green, will always adhere to the corporate purpose of "integrity, innovation and development", and rely on strong production, supply, and sales chain. Enterprises, starting the new era of Chinese tires, leading the development of the industry, leaving the glorious imprint of Xinghongyuan people on the journey of hard work!

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